Addiction Medicine Scholarships

The Governor’s Institute offers a limited number of scholarships to attend the Addiction Medicine Conference (Spring) or Addiction Medicine Essentials (Fall). By attending these events, physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant students or residents, who are training in North Carolina with an interest in Addiction Medicine will have the opportunity to receive up-to-date substance use related education, applicable across general medical as well as addiction specialty practices and learn from the experts during didactic lectures on a wide range of addiction medicine related topics. 

Addiction Medicine Fall Conference 2020

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Addiction Medicine Spring Conference 2021

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The Governor’s Institute improves the lives of people with substance use disorder problems by ensuring that doctors and other healthcare providers are equipped to prevent, identify, and treat these disorders. These conditions often go undiagnosed or ignored, resulting in enormous problems and costs for individuals and their communities.

The Addiction Medicine Conferences offer a great opportunity for physician, physician assistant and nurse practitioner students and residents to obtain more education about substance use disorders with content applicable across general medical as well as addiction specialty practices.

By donating to support addiction medicine education for those new to healthcare, you create opportunities to help them better respond to individuals with substance use disorders throughout their careers. Individual or business contributions can be made to support full or partial scholarships. Choose to make an impact TODAY!