Updated North Carolina Statewide Overdose Surveillance Reports – July 2021

The Injury and Violence Prevention Branch of the Division of Public Health recently updated provisional data on suspected opioid overdose EMS encounters and ED visits for opioid-related overdose and unintentional med/drug with potential for abuse overdose for July 2021. Note there are known data quality issues for May and June 2021 ED visits that are impacting the shown trends, interpret the data for these months with caution.

The Division is also including a new monthly report from the NC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (NC OCME) on suspected overdose deaths. Modeled after the emergency and EMS monthly surveillance, this provisional report includes a snapshot of the most recent month’s data on suspected overdose deaths from any substance, as well as year-to-date and rolling 24-month data on suspected and confirmed fatal overdoses.

Suspected Overdose Deaths

There were 339 suspected overdose deaths this July compared to 330 this time last year (July 2020).

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Overdose Involving Medication or Drugs with Dependency Potential

There were 1,397 overdose ED visits this July involving medication or drugs with dependency potential compared to 1,390 this time last year (July 2020).

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Opioid Overdose

There were 803 opioid overdose ED visits this July compared to 782 this time last year (July 2020).

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